Smithsonian annual photo contest is amazing! check out all the finalists
There are some beautiful and breathtaking photos this year. I always enjoy looking through others' work for inspiration and to aspire to be that good some day. There's an entry of an Oregon landmark, the Mexican ruins I just returned from and many other photos worth your taking a look. Enjoy!

week 10 here thing

This is a 2 week pinhole exposure of the sun moving across the sky. It was taken last winter when Mr. Sun was in hiding for most of the days. I have a few cameras out right now trying to get a year long exposure. Fun things and stuff.

Everything's wrong, but oh so right!
Here is a negative of my solarized photo for the upcoming assignment.

Here's a negative of my solarized photo for the upcoming assignment.

Blue Sky
So in a crazy last ditch effort to try and pull a good grade out of this class I visited the Blue Sky Gallery in Downtown Portland today. I really enjoyed getting out of the office and seeing some REALLY good black and white photography. (Thanks Smith for the idea, I'm really glad I went!)

There were two artists with work currently on display.

Caleb Charland's work, I think, is truly amazing!  It was fun to see photos that are along the same lines as the night photography assignment we are currently doing. He does a lot with long exposures and lights that create a fun sense of movement in his photos. I'd love to see how he created some of photos that were displayed.

The second artist was John Bauguess.  I personally didn't find his work as interesting at first. The individual photos come across as snapshots you might find in an old family photo album, but as a whole collection they are fun to look at. Most of the photos were taken in the 70's and 80's in small towns across Oregon. The people shown in the photos almost portray this back woods kind of awkwardness with polyester pants and bad hairdos.

Check them out if you have a chance

Week nine assignment
So for the night shooting assignment, one whole roll didnt come out and on the other there wasnt too much goingroll, and try to cobble something together.  

THese were on the waterfront.

recent assignment
I recently projected found slides and photographed them in black and white. This resulted in grainy, eerie photos that I can now call my own.

I posted this to MY profile on March 2nd...oops

Taken in North Portland this past fall. I seem to notice something new each time I look at this photograph. I feel that everything is well lit and I really appreciate the swirly shapes on the wallpaper.

week nine assignment

Here's my a picture from my self portrait photo shoot. Hope you like it!

Wk 8 ?

I'm pretty sure this is late I think I lost a week of time somewhere, I'm not sure where it went but if I find it I let ya know.
I really love Annie Leibowitz stuff because of all the thought and preparation she puts into them, especially her group shots, everyone is positioned just right and they always tell a story.

my roomie
this is a pic i took of my roommate. it was really fun to shoot and he was a great model.


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