week 9 not 8

this is a photo of my friend. i took it for the portrait photo project.

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This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

week 9
This was one of the most recent pictures that i have taken. I love this multiple exposure picture :D

week 8 assignment

this is a photo of my friend. i took it for the portrait photo project.

Week 9

This is a picture i took just for fun. I know it's not that interesting but I thought it was cute. So comment or don't. It's up to you

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Here is a picture I took for the portraiture project. The photo here is a photo of a photo, a terrible non-scanning sin. However, the resources I required were quite unavailable. Nonetheless, here it is. I like it because it of the possibilities contained within the action of the shot; I like that it is suggestive. I also like the fur and the shadow of the hand on the leg. I don't like how blurry it is or how light it is at the top of the photo, but I screwed up basically that whole roll of film.

Here are three of my favorites

I will not lie--when I first sign up for this class I was like "This class is going to be so easy"..I was wrong the class was very challenging and sparked a interest I had into an outlet for my silent creativity.

I really enjoyed learning about photography, taking pictures, and viewing all of your pictures.  Unfortunately, my class schedule will not allow me to take the other class with dark room.

I learned that a picture subject doesn't have to be centered, and pictures are all about the lighting.

Here are four favorite pictures from the assignments


week 9 post
Here is a photo I shot for the last photo assignment. I really like this photo. I got a little tingle in my belly the first time I saw the negative. It is what it is. I was up to my elbows in pig parts. Small price to pay to the photo gods.

Here is a self portrait I took a few moons ago. It is a 8 second exposure, 4x5 pinhole image.

Week 9 photo
Three photos from my portrait series. They aren't quite what I wanted in the technical aspect, but the compositions are great, I think. They didn't make the final cut, but they're the runner-ups.

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this is a portrait i shot of this super awesome guy who works at a neighborhood market near my house. i go to the store sometimes just to talk to him. he is one of the most genuinely nice people i've met, and he always has something cool to tell me. after i took his photo, he told me he wished he was wearing his leather motorcycle jacket, because he thinks it would make him look cooler.

(i'm not going to use this as one of my shots for the portraiture project, so i didn't spend much time on it. if i did, i would probably reprint it, burn the bottom right corner a bit, and dodge his face a little.)



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